Linking forms


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  • A account, please see the availability how-to.
  • A form which supports setting fields with the URL

Some technical knowledge of the web address and date formats may be helpful.

Expected Result

When someone selects a date and clicks on the enquire button they are taken to a form. In the form there is a field with the selected date already present.


Configuring the link address

We use the terms link address and URL interchangeably. For our purposes a URL is the piece of text which tells a web browser what to do.

The URL used when the enquiry button is pressed can be set on this page or by entering the settings overview and scrolling to the enquiry link.

This can be any valid URL, but usually it will start with https:// which will link to an ordinary web page.

The exact form of the link needed depends mostly on the form software you are using.

Their documentation should describe how to find the URL of your form. Also they should describe how to prefill a form field by adding to the URL.

Usually form fields are set using URL query parameters which are added onto the end of the URL after a ?.

We provide some special codes which are replaced with the year, month and day. These are {year}, {month} and {day}.


You can enter a URL here and preview the resulting link below.

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If the 1st of December 2022 were selected you would get the link below.


The following substitutions can still be made: {year} {month} {day}