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Save time and create confidence by advertising your availability online. Start discussions with the basics covered so that you can focus on what makes each booking unique.


You select one of your Google calendars as your availability calendar and then...

  1. 1 Availability

    A potential client checks if their desired date is available and selects it. Try it below!

    We keep things simple. A day is shown as unavailable if you already have an event on that day. See it full screen.

  2. 2 Enquire

    The client is asked for some basic details, such as the venue location and their contact information.

    This can then be automatically submitted to a different calendar. See the full screen edition.

  3. 3 Finalise

    You are given the client's details and they yours. Once the booking is confirmed you can move or copy the event to your availability calendar.


Embed it in your own website with the Wordpress plugin or use some simple code. Alternatively just link to our website from your own or social media.

If you require an integration other than Wordpress then we'd like to hear it.

How much?

It's free for now. Although you can voluntarily pay £6 or $7 per month to prove we are doing the right thing. The final pricing model has not been decided.


This is created for independent entertainers and service providers. People who have a range of services they personally provide at a location of the customer's choosing.

It's created at the behest of Christine Palethorpe who is a professional harpist with over a decade of experience as an independent performer. Specialising in weddings and similar events. is the result of frustration with current solutions.

Richard Palethorpe is Christine's brother and is a systems software engineer. If you are using an Android phone then you are already using Open Source software I have contributed to; amongst other things I'm a maintainer of the Linux Test Project.


The bad news is we are just starting out and don't have existing users to vouch for us. The development team is just one person.

The good news is we are just starting out and you can have direct access to the developer and product owner. Who are motivated to create the best product possible for our own use and to sell on.

If the product doesn't quite fit your needs, we can collaborate on making it right for you.


Have you ever tried to use a website while on the move and given up? Possibly because it was too slow, didn't fit on your screen or was simply broken. Only later to find it works fine on your computer at home or work.

Between 30% and 80% of website visitors are on a mobile phone or tablet. What's more some visitors can't or won't move to a computer with a larger screen. Either because they are on the move or don't own one. is built from the ground up to be "mobile first" and highly efficient. It supports narrow screens, low power devices and poor connections.

This also contributes to making it highly embeddable. It can fit in a small space and does not add bloat to existing websites.

Per Day

The majority of scheduling, booking and availability products assume you can take bookings by the hour. Also that you only want to take bookings a few weeks in advance.

In the wedding business, outside of Vegas, this is usually not the case. So we do it by the day, or put another way, we assume there can only be one event per day.

This removes a lot of complication which is unecessary for showing your availability and taking enquiries for weddings and similar events.

Having said that, we are open to the idea of allowing two slots per day if requested. However we'll always strive to keep it simple for all day events.


Did you notice the cookie notice? No, because there isn't one. We only use "cookies" for core website functions and therefor it is not required.